AJT Engineering Install Main Inlet Valve at Hydro Power Station

เกจวัดอาร์กอน at AJT Engineering has recently completed the installation of a new 30″ Main Inlet Valve for a client’s small hydro power station.
pressure gauge หลักการ ทํา งาน , combined with a Rotork SI-3 failsafe actuator, now offers the shopper with full automation in comparison with the previous manual operation.
AJT designed, manufactured and installed a new spool piece in-house to match present face to face dimensions. Whilst Cadherent supplied designs for a assist for the Rotork actuators substantial failsafe spring mechanism – this too was then fabricated by AJT at our services in Aberdeen.
The installation was then completed off with new galvanised handrailing to protect from the pit opening.
Many thanks go to all our valued suppliers and contractors who proceed to make these projects potential: Cadherent, Stoddard Crane Hire, VAG Group, Gareth Beck, Rotork, KGAL Consulting Engineers Ltd.

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