The versatility of Pneumatic excessive pressure grouting pumps

Peumatic Grouting pump is designed for pressure and filling grouting of cement and bentonite slurries. differential pressure gauge ราคา is primarily used for injecting (grouting) bar anchors and the drill holes in order to reinforce the free rock mass. The most grain size cannot exceed zero.2 mm.
Grouting pump operation and maintenance is simple, safe and dependable. This pump is utilized in mines operating beneath difficult circumstances as a outcome of it is dependable and explosion-proof.
Basic Pneumatic Grouting pump embrace: An air inlet, the pneumatic cylinder, mounting base body and stand, pressure gauge, pumping cylinder, outlet with fast launch coupling and wheels.
How it works
Pneumatic stress in the air cylinder exerts a high pressure on the grout combination which leads to ejection of grout with a excessive stress and velocity. The valves of the air cylinder within the pump perform automatically to actuate the cylinder. The pneumatic cylinder then moves the plunger up and down to finish the pumping cycle.
Pneumatic grout pump could be pushed even with out Electrical energy provide in distant areas through the use of engine pushed compressor.
The pump is majorly used in construction and mining industry for injecting material into broad and medium size gap in beams, columns ,basement walls and flooring, carry shaft concrete wall fill-up and so forth. In mining industry it is used to replenish cement solution the place there is a hole exists between construction and rock and for soil stabilization.
Detachable design tends to simple upkeep and transportation. Challenging works like Grouting in Bridges.
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This pump is widely used in tunnels, coal mine, bridges and dams, building foundation, and other underground tasks, and inflammable, explosive sites and other unhealthy surroundings.
It has application in chemical trade additionally to pump out chemical slurries.
The pump is electricity free so, can be utilized at any web site situation whether it’s rural or urban.
Mining Pneumatic Grouting pump has a bigger discharge slurry adjustment range. Generally the final amount of the grouting volume is eight or10 instances of the amount at first. And the final grouting quantity proves that filling is compacted.
Simply put; Pneumatic high-pressure grouting pump is specially designed for high-pressure grouting. And it adopts full hydraulic drive, it’s pressure and flow can be adjusted according to the requirements of grouting,(The circulate of grouting pump is 0-100L/min, pressure of discharge is 0-10MPa).in addition to, This Pneumatic high-pressure grouting pump can be utilized for grouting single or double fluid.
High-pressure grouting pump is mainly used for highways, railways, water and electrical energy, development, mining and so forth. ground/underground construction.
Mining Pneumatic Grouting pump has the advantages of low power consumption, small vibration, low noise, small size, excessive efficiency, dependable performance, pressure and circulate management, long life and so on. Common mine grouting pump has pneumatic injection pump, dual fluid injection pump, extrusion injection pump and piston injection pump.
Pneumatic grout pump can additionally be Light weight and with a wheelie design it might be carried easily. It is designed for straightforward operation and low upkeep. Last but not least its spare parts are easily out there.

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