What is volume weight?

Or why it is important to find the right packaging for each product.
Next to the actual weight which can be determined by weighing, there is also a so-called “volume weight”. This is used for calculating transport costs. In pressure gauge 10 bar to the actual weight, the volume required also plays a role in transport. Shipping digital pressure gauge charge either for the actual weight of a package or for the volume weight if this exceeds the actual weight.
The most commonly used calculation method uses the following formula:
width x length x height (in cm)
Some shipping companies divide by 5,000 (i.e. UPS, FedEx). The number 6,000 was defined by the IATA years ago on the basis of experience, as a cubic metre of freight weighs an average of 166.7 kg. Note: It therefore is good to choose the right packaging for a product to optimise transport costs.

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