Grundfos offers intelligent pump control in Malaysia

Grundfos has launched its SCALA1 water booster pump in Malaysia, providing intelligent connectivity that allows customised management over home water techniques from a smartphone.
The newest addition to Grundfos’ SCALA range of totally integrated water booster pumps, the SCALA1 is a compact all-in-one pump, which is simple to put in and designed for stress boosting in domestic and lightweight commercial functions, corresponding to backyard irrigation or strain boosting in homes and residences.
The SCALA vary achieves optimum pressure boosting for water on demand through intelligent pump control, and SCALA1 integrates pump, motor, diaphragm tank, strain and circulate sensor, dry-running safety, controller, and non-return valve.
เกจไนโตรเจนsumo has a built-in two-way communication system, permitting customers to track their water system when in vary. เกรดวัดแรงดัน can monitor, control, and schedule water use from their smartphone with intuitive Grundfos GO REMOTE app, out there for each iOS and Android working methods.
The app alerts customers through a sequence of alarms that point out points similar to leakages, dry-run, or when a pump has exceeded its most runtime. Users can easily entry pump diagnostics from the app.

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