LEWA expands take a look at vary of container check bench

German pump manufacturer LEWA has expanded the check range of its specifically developed container test bench to cope with scorching or explosive fluids.
digital pressure gauge take a look at bench was initially launched in December 2018 but Lewa has up to now only used water because the conveyed medium for testing and verifying pump functions. Many of the fluids Lewa offers with are ranked as supercritical by method of explosion hazard and employee safety, so the company has now expanded its check vary to cowl most of these media.
In addition to an experimental area of explosion protection Zone 1 the place the test experiments happen, the container also features a protected control room without explosion hazard for housing the drive and control tools. Supercritical fluids corresponding to gasoline, methanol, acetone or nitrocellulose thinner are used within the test chamber, whose interior can be considered via gas-tight glass panes, at process temperatures of as much as 80°C and a maximum quantity of 200 l. A high-resolution information recording system ensures accurate monitoring and outcomes.
The initial take a look at has been carried out on the system to verify diaphragm clampings for micro-leakage utilizing a low-viscosity fluid and the the Lewa Ecoflow LDG3 sort with an M9 pump head.

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